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14 Beauty Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know And Will Definitely Need In Your Life

Staying beautiful forever is every woman’s dream, making it come true is the hardest part.

Beauty they say, can’t last forever but it is manageable and as the saying goes, “the best things in life, come for free”. There is no need to stress yourself if you know this simple beauty tricks to solve certain issues when it comes to staying beautiful all the time and this includes fashion hacks.

Here are 14 beauty tricks you probably didn’t know and will definitely need in your life.

1. Pony Pads

Why buy a pony pad when you can create your own? If you have your hair all tangled up and need to keep it in shape or your pony looks dishevelled, just grab a sock, cut the tip and middle roll it and pass your hair through it.

2. To Freshen Your Face

You can use a lipstick

3. To Fix Your Eyebrows

You can use a hairspray. Just spray a significant amount on your mascara brush and use it. This will let your eyebrow stay in shape.

4. To Give Your Lipstick A Matte Finish

If your lipstick is glossy, grab a tissue, place it on the lipstick, get a makeup brush and dab it in your makeup powder and rub it over it.

5. Getting Rid Of Heel Blisters When You Wear Stilettos

Don’t use a plaster, rub a lipstick on your heel and you’re good to go.

6. To Let Your Perfume Last

Rub a neutral lipstick on your skin before wearing the perfume.

7. Broken Fingernail? 

Just a piece of tissue off a teabag, enough to fit your fingernail, use a nail polish to cover it up and it will stick it in place and you’re good to go.

8. Do You Have Sweaty Underarms?

Make use of your sanitary pad, yes! your sanitary pad. Stick it on your clothe’s armpit and it is solved, no sweaty armpits.

9. Preventing Your Shoes From Smelling Bad

Rub hydrogen peroxide in your shoes.

10. To Prevent Getting Blisters From Wearing Your Shoes

Rub a spirit in it.


11. Cleaning Your Makeup Brush

Just get yourself a rough surface file, put it under running water and rub the brush on it. It is easier than trying to wash it with soap.

12. Creating Your Own Lipstick

Get yourself some beeswax, coconut oil and shea butter, mix them together and add a piece of lipstick, any colour you prefer and microwave them all together. Pour into any desirable container and leave to dry.

13. Create Your Own Makeup Kit Using Your Lipstick

Have you run out of your makeup kit, just grab your lipstick, break it up and melt it, pour it in the empty makeup kit space and leave to dry. You can use many lipstick colours as you want.

14. For Long Hair Growth

Get a mixture of castor oil, avocado oil and coconut oil and apply on your hair daily.