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OMG!! Man Bodyshamed for his Small Manhood in front of He’s Date on Australian N@ked Dating Segment

The segment on Kiss radio involves two strangers undressing each other and passing comment on the other’s naked body

A MAN was bodyshamed for his small penis in front of a half naked woman during a Naked Dating segment on an Australian radio show.

They seem to have taken inspiration from Channel 4’s Naked Attraction and had two strangers undress each other while commenting on the other’s naked physique.

An Australian man was bodyshamed on a Naked Dating segment on Kiss FM
The hosts mocked him for having a small penis saying it was the size of a peanut

However, one guy got more of a critique about his body than he was expecting when one of the Kiss radio hosts commented on his manhood.

In the awkward segment, which was also filmed for their YouTube channel, Matthew took off stranger Lily’s robe leaving her in just some sexy red lingerie.

He then started dancing around the studio

Lily then took off his briefs and things got very awkward in the studio when radio host Kyle said: “You’re going to need to do something with that mate”.

Matthew agreed and quipped: “It’s a peanut”.