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16 Things iPhone Users Do And Say That Annoy The Hell Out Of Android Users

Duuude! Is it just me or do iPhone users act like demigods?

Here are things iPhone users do and say that annoy the hell out of android users:

1. Siri this…Siri that…

A small argument about the spelling of potato will lead to an iPhone user saying “Let’s ask Siri”.

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Image: Glee.Wikia

2. iPhone users can be walking around with the biggest bag that you have ever seen,

yet the iPhone has to be on the hand…it just can’t fit in the bag.


Image: Pinterest

3. Speaking of showing off…even when they buy phone covers, they want one that shows off the apple logo…

Image- Giphy

4. Mirror selfies…

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Image: Instagram (@queenveebosset)

5. Speaking of selfies…

do iPhone users know that one can actually take a selfie with the front camera without showing off the phone and it’s logo on some bathroom mirror? Lol.

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6. Talking about the features all the time…

“Oh I’m about to facetime my boo”…”OMG my iCloud is full.”

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7. Referring to their phone as “My iPhone”.

Have you ever heard a Huawei user saying “Pass me my Huawei?” No…but iPhone users must drive the ‘I own an iPhone’ point home. Smh.

8. Looking down on non-iPhone users like…

9. My fren…it ain’t a joke; some ladies will not even date you if you don’t own an iPhone and they do…

10. When iPhone users huddle up together and start talking about their precious phones like, “Mine is a 7 and yours? where did you buy yours?”

11. What’s interesting is, many of them will not pay for the apps that need to be paid for…

She laughs at your dry jokes

12. Oh so if you’re so rich how come you have to look for ways to download music instead of paying for it?

13. They would rather break their hip bone than break the phone screen.

14. When they lose the phone, you will hear about it for decades…

“Do you know the pain of losing an iPhone?”

15. We wonder what they were doing before 2007…

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16. But we appreciate when they take dope photos of us and send us since our Huaweis cannot take decent selfies.

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If you can’t afford an apple product, you can always buy yourself an apple and keep the doctor away.

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