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‘World’s Oldest P0rn star’, 82, Reveals Secret Behind his High S*x Drive

An 82-year-old man dubbed “the world’s oldest” porn star has revealed the bizarre secret behind his incredible sex drive .

Shigeo Tokuda, who only became an adult entertainer aged around 70, credits his remarkable stamina to eating eggs every day.Shigeo said: “People are always asking me about my perseverance, but I don’t do anything special. That said, I do try to lead a proper lifestyle every day.

“If we’re talking about things that give you stamina, I eat eggs every day.”I love rice topped with raw egg.”

Shigeo was born in Tokyo in 1934.He made his debut 13 years ago and is still taking part in porn shoots.

However, he has reportedly slowed down a little, working on longer shoots that require all of his stamina.

The veteran porn star described how he takes time before shooting to compliment actresses on their bodies.

“They say that your sex drive dwindles once you get old,” he said.
“But I think it’s because you start to pay less attention to things, and I don’t mean just about women.
There’s a bit of time to talk before shooting, so that’s when I’d tell an actress what part of her body I think is beautiful.”Who’s gonna hate being told that?And besides, it’s the best way to build communication.”Having that desire to observe her plays into being interested in her, which in turn leads to thoughts about her body and what sex would be like with her.

Shigeo admitted his porn career keeps him feeling young at heart. He said making adult films is a great way of exercising his imagination.He believes this, in turn, has kept old age at bay.

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