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11 Signs He Is Stringing You Along

If you’re with a guy and you are not sure about your relationship status even after months of being in a “situationship” then my friend you’re being played and it’s a dirty game.

Being strung along doesn’t usually happen right away. As a matter of fact a lot of the times it happens after you’ve been dating for several weeks or months. Just when everything has been going so well then all of a sudden he’s just not so into you. When this happens it puts you in a desperate point where even a simple text message like “hi” makes you flip with joy.

The worst thing is he used to be such a great communicator then now he has an excuse for every day he can’t text you. You probably don’t want to face the music but if he is showing a lack of effort and you haven’t seen him in weeks check these 11 signs that show he is stringing you along.

1. He doesn’t make time to see you

No one ever has enough time, we all have things to do but we set aside time for people we care about. If he keeps hitting you with excuses like “I am usually in the office till 6 then after I am so beat” then you need to stop looking for him. Texting, calling or whatever form of communication he has with you that is not physical isn’t important. Real conversations are had face to face.

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2. Jokes about you liking other guys

He sleeps with you and he knows you like him but he doesn’t mind you liking other guys? This is the kind of friend zone that makes no sense at all. Chances are that he wants you when it’s convenient for him and that’s when he is possessive. After he gets what he wants he reminds you that you’re not together and you can date who you want.

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3. You always text him first

If you’re that person that keeps hitting me up with random “hi’s” and “how have you been” then you need to chill. If he isn’t communicating with you without you trying that hard, it’s because he doesn’t want to. This may even seem nagging at some point and when he responds it’s simply to get rid of you. Funny thing is they are always online on Facebook or Instagram.

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4. Only talks about himself

Does he care about how bad your day was and why you’ve been low of late? He will probably act interested about your new apartment so he knows where he can be sleeping over at times but nothing more. When you have a conversation you don’t realize that it’s mostly about him because you’re too into him and want him to know that you care. Reality is, he should also care about your feelings and your emotional well being.

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5. He only ups his game when there’s competition

So you posted a photo with your new bae or your male friend and now he’s all up in your inbox trying to say some flirty things? You need to take him back to level 0 in your priorities because someone that sees your worth when you’re moving on is just a competitor and his ego needs to be boosted. He will try and get you back in his loop so he can still assure himself that he can string you along.

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6. He’s not about relationship titles

Please do not scare this man away with questions like ” what are we?” or “are we together. He prefers seeing you without labels and this makes him happy because if you see him with anyone else his first defense is ” we are not together”.


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7. Never wants to have emotional talks

Whenever you try to talk about the good times the two of you had or just how great his personality is he tends to brush you off. If you’re feeling emotionally deprived that’s because you’re giving him too much of your heart and he’s giving you nothing. He says he is naturally not a mushy guy yet once upon a time he posted you as his woman crush on Instagram. Don’t be too excited about such a guy. He probably doesn’t want to attach himself because you’ll hurt him.


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8. You’re his comfort

Mr. Swing you along wants you to uplift his spirits when he is low but disappears when he is okay. This is when you wonder when you became a temporary shrink to this man. Like why are you looking for me homey?


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9. He already has a girlfriend

He waited until when you were inside his box then he decides to tell you he has a girlfriend. The other messy situation that you may be in is when he already told you he is in a relationship but you chose not to listen. Thing is, as long as this man is committed to someone else then he will sting you along as a backup plan.


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10. He’ll text you a lot but not to make plans

Never feel special because he is texting you. Anyone can text you everyday but not everyone makes time for you, so be weary.


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11. Goes quiet for a while then comes back with a bang

He says that he doesn’t like communicating a lot but that’s usually after he has gotten what he wants from you. When he comes back he has the greatest vibes of all times saying things like “your profile picture is cute”. That may make you feel like you’re important but its short lived.

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