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10 Ways To Avoid Being Broke While In University

Life begins when you’re in University as in this is when you know struggles can get real.

When I was high school I would get an allowance of 1k and it would last for a whole month. Now in these hard economic times where you’re a jobless student and still want to have fun, what are you to do? Here are 10 ways you need to keep to avoid being broke.

1. Get a part-time job

If it was up to me it would be a requirement for all students to work while in University. Working while studying gives you a sense of responsibility and you learn to manage your time wisely. Of course, this also means you make some money that you will most likely take care of because you worked to earn it. You may get data entry jobs, part-time waitress or any other job that will not take up all your time but you will get a decent allowance.

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2. Budget

Whether you get money from your parents or you earn your money budgeting is everything. When you get your money make sure you do everything you are meant to do at first. This means you shop for your house or buy airtime for the whole month so that you know how much you will have left when done.


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3. Avoid dating if you don’t have the money

Dating is an expensive affair. For guys you probably have to woe her by taking her to some fancy restaurants which you saved for and she probably has to save for your birthday gift.It’s so easy to spend money in an effort to increase your chances, right? Make education and managing your money your top priorities.

University struggles

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4. Have a fixed savings account

You will thank yourself later when you put your savings in a fixed account. Once you’re done using your money for covering the most important things you can now set money aside for entertainment and the rest in your savings. There are times you will be broke and remember that not all is lost in the world because of your savings account. It becomes a habit that will be important to maintain even after campus.


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5. Don’t use a debit or a credit card

Debit cards make it too easy to spend money since you’re always walking around with it. On the other hand credit cards just means you could end up in debt because your bank has loaned you money to spend that you will have to pay back. Besides the credit needs for a university student should almost be non-existent.

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6. Cook food at home

Honestly you should only eat out if you got a really good GPA or you’re rewarding yourself for something great you did. Most students don’t like cooking yet its cheaper than buying food from a fast food or a normal restaurant. Cooking food at home is also healthier and it’s important to have cooking skills.

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7. Aim for those discounts

If you need new text books or appliances wait for the discount seasons. There are seasons like Black Friday where everything is cheap be sure to join Facebook groups that sell things cheaply.

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8. Rely on family and friends

Keep both your friends and family very close. These are the people that come through when you need food or when you need their WIFI to do your assignments. They are the people who know you’re trying to save money and will remind you that you’re not rich yet when you act extravagant.

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9. Pay your bills on time

Pay your bills on time, because it can lead to reduced rates, good payment history, better credit and all else. Keep in mind that your financial history says a lot about you as a person and some employers ask for this information before hiring you. Keep a clean financial tab.

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10. Attend free events

Because why shouldn’t you? Make sure you attend all events that have free refreshments to quench your thirst and even better when they have food no matter how boring you think that event will be just go eat. This will cut your meal cost on that day.

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