10 Unfortunate Things That Happen When You Visit A Ghanaian Girl With A Wild Father

Visiting a girl with a wild father is the worst nightmare for every Ghanaian guy. That confrontation can change you for life.

So you’ll ask, why visit the girl if you know her father is wild. The point is that guys normally know the fathers are wild but visit only when they know the fathers will be out of the house based on info they get from the girls.

Unfortunately, there are days you run out of luck and meet the father at home. Below are 10 things that can happen to you on such a visit.

1. Over Questioned.

If you meet the father, then brace yourself to answer a billion questions. You’ll be asked so many questions you’ll even think you’re writing an exam to heaven. Why are you looking for her, how do you know her, what’s your relationship with her, what do you want in my house etc.. These are but few questions you’ll need answers to on such a visit.


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2. Trapped.

Some of them will also give you a somewhat warm reception and ask you to enter the house. Once you do, they lock the gate or door and you get trapped inside with them. Until they are satisfied with your reasons(s) for visiting their daughter, you may have to sit or stand awkwardly in the house not knowing what’ll happen next. I know guys who have been locked in the homes of their female acquaintances by their fathers for hours. It’s not a joke.

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3. Insulted.

This happens when they meet you at the door or find you in the house. After asking you of your mission and you responding that you came to see their daughter, the insults that will follow can be used to build an interchange from Tamale to Accra. The insults can even extend to your parents.



4. Chased With A Gun.

This happens very often with all those super rich and big men. You visit, they see you and ask of your mission, you tell them, they bait you with a nice reception and ask you to wait, then bham, they appear with a gun and chase you out. Some guys have jumped pretty high walls in such encounters without knowing where they got that strength from.


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5. Slapped.

Small visit too turn slap? They are very protective of their daughters and see every guy who visits or gets close to them as someone who wants to sleep with them. As soon as they meet you in the house and you tell them why you’re there, you’ll not get the opportunity to even anticipate a slap. You just feel the sharp sting on your cheeks. No a funny situation at all. You may have to quickly retreat unless you want more.

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6. Chased With Dogs.

Some will also bait you into the house, ask you to wait for them to call their daughter for you then once they leave, release their dogs on you. You may have to be Usain Bolt to escape. They’ll do this amidst insults and the usual “next time come back” statement.

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7. Locked Up.

It’s not an easy task visiting a girl with a wild father. The extent to what these fathers can do sometimes is very scary. They can lock you up in a room or even have the police come arrest you. That is if the man is a big man. If you’re a Ghanaian, you’ll remember the case of Selassie O’Sullivan-Djentuh, the ex-boyfriend of Zanetor Rawlings, daughter of former President Jerry John Rawlings.

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8. Beaten By Security.

If they have security at home, they’ll just ask their security men to beat you and escort you out.

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9. Soaked With Water.

This is more of a female move but sometimes the fathers do it too. They’ll ask you to wait and then they’ll go get water and splash it on you.


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10. Intimidating Sitting.

This is probably one of the most nerve racking moments. He invites you in, gives you a seat and tells you their daughter will be with you soon. They then sit down while staring at you occasionally without saying a word. You sit there and feel like you have the whole of Ghana on your shoulders. When you make an attempt to leave too, they’ll ask you to sit and wait for their daughter while this silent torture continues.

Are you serious right now?

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