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9 Signs You Are About To Cheat On Bae With Your Friend

We all have friends of the opposite sex.

They are beneficial to us in many ways but sometimes getting too close can be dangerous. A lot of people end up cheating with their friends when their own relationships aren’t working anymore. Sometimes it just happens. But let’s say you don’t want it to ‘just happen.’ How can you know the signs and prevent them?

Here are signs you are about to cheat with your friend:

1. You’re withdrawing from bae, but getting too close to your friend.

It might appear as a non-issue at first, but anytime you’d rather spend time with your “friend” over your bae is an issue. It means your feelings are being transferred from the person you are dating to the person who is just a friend. Normally, we always want to spend time with our partners than anyone else.

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2. You are keeping your friendship a secret from bae.

If you are hiding a friend from the person you are actually dating, it means you have emotional ties to that friend. Normally, you should be able to tell your partner about every person in your life — not just a few of them.


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3. You speak ill of your bae to your friend.

Saying bad things about your relationship to a friend of the opposite sex is a ‘yuge’ red flag…tremendously ‘yuge’ red flag. Telling that close friend how unhappy you are opens up the door for cheating.

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4. You think about that friend too much.

Thinking about a friend more than is necessary is an indicator of an emotional affair. Whether you’re just thinking about what they’re doing or wondering what type of kisser they are, you’ve crossed over into an emotional affair and soon, things are going to get physical.

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5. You compare bae to your friend.

When you are attracted to your friend, everything they do will seem right and everything your partner does will seem wrong. When you’ve been dating someone for long, it’s easy to point out their misdemeanors instead of appreciating the things they do right. That’s why comparing them to that friend is easier. But it might end up in cheating.

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6. You always make sure to look good before meeting your friend.

Most of the time, we don’t have to look good for friends. We don’t have to impress them after all. But when it reaches that point where you really care what you’re going to wear before meeting your friend, you should consider whether or not you’re emotionally attached.

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7. Your communication habits have changed.

Do you hide your phone when your significant other is around or sneak off to text yet it’s just your friend you are texting? A sense of guilt when texting your friend means you are now emotionally attached and might soon teach.

8. You get nervous when your friend is around.

Getting butterflies around a friend could mean emotional attachment. If you’re not doing something physical yet, then you are definitely going to do it soon.


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9. You don’t want your bae and friend to mingle.

People who are having an emotional affair try to keep their bae away from the person they are interested in. Though it is okay to have your own friends separate from your partner, you should never feel uncomfortable mixing the two.

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