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The Bittersweet Stages Of Being Broke In The University

Why do we make bad decisions?

We know very well that we should wisely consider our limited resources before making unplanned purchases. But we go ahead anyway and buy those things we can’t afford and then we go broke.

Here’s a timeline of how we go broke in school:

1. Money comes

Either from dad, mum or uncle.

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2. Restaurants and Uber everywhere

Because money is everywhere.


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3. Reduced lifestyle

Because the money has reduced drastically

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4. Budgeting

And then you start allocating the existing money


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5. Account in red

This is when it hits you that you have no money

Broke problems

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6. Panic

Then the fear of begging hits you


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7. Eyeing classmates and timing your visits

You start timing when to go for lunch because broke



8. Borrow

After a few insults up and down and you’ve been dragged because you begged, you resort to borrowing

Broke problems

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9. Sherlock

After you get help from friends, you resort to being meticulous about spending.

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10. Weird food combos and missing meals

And to manage until the end of the month, you start taking weird meals and missing meals. 1-0-1 is not bad

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11. Money comes again

And you’re baller all over again!

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Can you relate to these scenarios?