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Indonesian Gay Couple Caned 83 Times After Being Caught Having S*x

A gay couple in Indonesia were caned 83 times in public after being caught having s*x.

The incident occurred in the province of Aceh, which lives under the dictates of Islamic Sharia.

The two were ‘arrested’ by a mob of people in their home in March whilst having s*x, and handed over to authorities.

Under Sharia, they were sentenced to receive 85 lashes for engaging in homos*xuality. The sentence was reduced by two lashes for the two months they spent in detention.

They were caned outside a mosque in the provincial capital of Banda Aceh by a pair of hooded men in front of a crowd who cheered the brutality.

The BBC reported that some in the crowd shouted out – “Let this be a lesson to you,” and “Do it harder,”.