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Vicky Zugah Attacks Delay For Calling Her a Pathological Liar — Says The Interview Was an Interrogation

After her interview with Delay aka Deloris Frempong-Manso on the Delay Show, actress Vicky Zugah has been trending for all the wrong reasons. Folks say after watching the interview in which the interviewer called her ‘pathological liar’, it is pretty obvious she made up all those scandalous allegations against her past partners.

Not able to take the heat anymore, Vicky Zugah has taken to her Instagram account to attack Delay for her shockingly rude interview. According to her the interview was more like an interrogation instead.

Watch Full Interview Below;

Her exact words below:

“I Woke up to dozens of messages frm loved ones,family, friends and a few haters who had guts to send direct messages,just because I harmlessly accepted to grant an interview which turned out to be an interrogation..so I went back to watch it all over again and all I could say was “vicky u are a very tolerant young woman,I won’t lie”. After evrything they put my team and I throu frm 1pm – 6pm,I patiently sat through the entire “interrogation” process till the end..never knew one could easily be called a pathological liar just b’cos they can’t remember vividly an incident that occurred in the past. And my entirely life is considered fake cos I had a temperal tat on in the past?That’s it? Why should my showbiz be likened to my personal life? U wanted me to sit on ur show and spell in detail evrything about my personal life? Then what? Some people have advised that i demand an apology but I wil let this slide for personal reasons. For those of you advising that I put a stop to the campaign and “hide”,sorry, I’ve come too far to quit,only God can stop me now.”

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