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8 Simple Tricks To Speed Up The Internet On Your Phone

If you’re reading this, we’re assuming you “live” on the internet just like us.

We can all attest to the fact that nothing is as depressing as trying to open your favorite website – we’re assuming it’s OMGVoice ? –  or watch a video on social media, maybe you’re trying to send bae ? a text via Whatsapp and the internet is dragging its feet ?.

Usually, you just blame your internet service provider but sometimes, it’s not exactly their fault. We’ve done some research and here a few tips and tricks to speed up the internet on your phone.

Follow these simple tricks.

1. Use the right internet browser

Every phone comes with it’s own browser but there are specific browsers made purposely for mobile internet browsing like Chrome, Opera Mini and Firefox. These browsers are fully optimized to give you the speed you require.


2. Clear your browser’s cache periodically

As you browse through websites, the pages are saved unto your phone, this can eat up a lot of your phone’s resources, thereby slowing up the internet. Clear the browser cache from time to time. To do this, go to your browser’s settings and clear cache.

Photo: PhoneArena

3. Clear your App’s cache

Just as browsers, mobile apps store a lot data on your phone, clear your cache periodically. To do this, go to your app’s settings, and clear cache. On Android phones, go to Application Manager and select your most used apps to clear cache.

Photo: WccTech

4. Check network settings

In Ghana, our internet network ranges from Edge, 3G, 3.5G and 4G/LTE. This is usually set to automatic and switches automatically, depending on your area and the reception. To ensure you’re always on a faster network, make sure your phone is switched to the highest, that is 4G/LTE or 3G for some phones. To do this, go to your phone’s network settings and do the switch manually. iPhone users can go to Cellular to make the switch.


5. Disable/Uninstall unused apps

There are a million and one apps out there but we do not use all of them, to speed up resources and internet on your phone, just simply uninstall apps you barely use as some of these apps may be eating up your internet bandwidth in the background.

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6. Install an Ad Blocker

Websites use advertising as their means of revenue but these ads come with Javascript that takes up a lot of resources at the same time internet bandwidth while loading. Installing an Ad Blocker disables all advertising on all websites you visit, thus saving you more bandwidth and speeding up the internet. To do this, go to your App Store and search for “Ad Blocker”, install and you are good to go.

Photo: VentureBeat

7. Turn off background apps

Some mobile apps like location apps, health trackers, GPS/maps etc. work in the background, even when closed. You should only enable these apps on need-be basis. Disable them in your application manager (android) and settings (iPhone).

Photo: iMore

8. Use Surfline

If you can’t be asked to go through all the steps above or they’re too technical for you, rest assured, we got you. Just use Surfline, the fastest LTE network in Ghana, it’s very stable and affordable for all pockets. They have ranges of devices and bundles to make your mobile browsing a breeze.

Photo: Surfline/Tumbl

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