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Jackie Appiah

Jackie Appiah
Charming, eloquent and exciting actress Jackie Agyemang known in Showbiz circles as Jackie Appiah is doing well in the film industry even though she s...

Charming, eloquent and exciting actress Jackie Agyemang known in Showbiz circles as Jackie Appiah is doing well in the film industry even though she started not quite long ago.

Jackie is one of the youngest actresses mother Ghana has produced. When it comes to acting Jackie is a good example.

Most people marvel at the way young Jackie keeps improving. Once on the move, she is always on the move. Her warm smiles and eloquence can’t stop producers from including her in their films.

According to Jackie her interest in acting started when she was 12 years old at the Action Chapel where she belonged to a group known as Representatives. ”

We performed to demonstrate Christian way of addressing to the public”. The first time I went into local and international acting was when I was invited by a friend Derrick Serenu and Nii Addy Mould to compete in a U.S organised teen competition at the National Theatre dubbed ” Hal Jackson’s Talented Teens Competition ” I was the runner up in that competition, she said.

For Jackie, the opportunity to be the face behind a number of TV commercials, to work as a TV personality and to act was something that was to happen as a matter of course.

“You won’t believe the number of personalities who congratulated me and asked me to do one thing or the other for them after the teens competition “.

Jackie’s appearance on screen became regular when she was invited by Edward Seddoh Junior the writer of Things We Do For Love as she played the role of Enyonam Blagogee. She later took part in Tentacles, Games People Play and many other TV series.

Jackie has also featured in a number of movies, including Divine Love, Deadly Assignment, Golden Stool and a recent movie entitled Mummy’s Daughter and many others which are yet to be released.

Before then, Jackie remembers herself as being very shy the first time she went on set, ” It was a Venus Film Production titled Divine Love and I had to play the role of Kate, the protagonist”. ” I didn’t believe I did too good “.

I fumbled but many people did not notice it, she said. That was obviously not easy for a first timer but Jackie said she gave a good account of herself and succeeded in impressing everyone.

Jackie says her best moment in film acting was the recent one ” Mummy’s Daughter ” by Venus Films. The film tells the story of the Bartels Family where she played the role of Princess, the daughter.

“I loved how I acted and I was happy with the role I played “.Jackie now sees the local film industry as better. She thinks that a step after the other will see its ultimate success.

Today, Jackie’s face could be seen on many bill boards and TV commercials including GSMF advert on protection against HIV AIDS, she won the face of U.B in a promotion she did for them on TV commercials and she is currently the face of IPMC for commercials and bill boards.

“GSMF ” was her first TV commercial and once her pretty face had made an appearance on TV, other deals came her way in no time.

In all her TV shows, Jackie said, she was very happy when she was invited by Mr. Adanu to host E. Zone on TV3 for which Iso Paelay does the production.

” Iso is a nice gentleman to work with when she gave me details of personalities that appeared on E Zone, I was lucky to work with him”.

Hosting programmes was a new field for me, she said. ” Sometimes am lost for words, as I don’t even know the questions I should ask my guest, some personalities too are nice to talk to”.

It was an interesting program and I wish I still hosted it, I stopped because I got pregnant, she said. But am happy for Dede, I introduced her when I was leaving and was very happy she had picked up, she said.

Jackie who got married last year has this to say ” Who Jah Bless No One Curse “. ” Am happy to be a mother, I have one baby boy he is Damian Agyemang”. “Having him was the happiest moment in my life”.

Jackie was born Dec 5 1983, and is the last of five children Yvonne, Mansa, Abrefi and Koufi to Mr. George Appiah and Miss Janet Owusu. Jackie is grateful to her numerous fans for their loyalty.

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