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31 Traditional Foods And Drinks You Can Serve At Your Wedding And It Will Be Awesome

Over the years, we’ve seen a new trend of Ghanaians embracing traditional style weddings over western style weddings.

However, one thing still remains the same, the food. It is still western influenced. Well in case you’ve run out of ideas or it never occurred to you, here are 31 traditional foods and drinks you can serve at your wedding and it will be awesome.

1. Apapransa

Apapransa is cheap to make and cuts across a lot of tribes in Ghana and since you will be having guests from a lot of diverse backgrounds, this food will be perfect for your wedding.

Photo: GhanaILoveYou/Tumblr

2. Eto

Eto tastes good even if it is not your staple food and your guests will definitely love it.


Photo: BibiniGh

3. Ofam

Ofam is also made from ripe plantain but roasted a bit and it is just the right food to bring make that nostalgic feeling at your wedding.

4. Yakayaka

When was the last time you tasted some Yakayaka and “1 man thousand” with some chilli pepper? Your guests will definitely love it and you will be the talk of town.

5. Tubaani

Tubaani is the kind of food even a guest who has never tasted it before will love it when they taste it. Something you can try.

6. Aboloo

When was the last time you had yourself some Aboloo? You’re not the only person who’s missed this food and this will definitely spark some excitement at your wedding.

7. Agidi

Not common on our streets anymore and so imagine the feeling many will have if they should see it on the menu.

8. Wasawasa

Wasawasa is more of a Northern food so adding it will definitely spark some happiness among your guests from the North.

9. Nfantefante

Instead of just Banku and Okro stew, you can add some Nfantefante and it will be a superb experience for many.

10. Mportormportor

Mostly common in our homes but not something you will get a wedding, why don’t you spice things up by adding this dish.

 11. Pito

Instead of the foreign wines and the likes, why don’t you replace it with some pito?

12. Zimkom

Zimkom is also another option we can add to the table.

13. Burukutu

Just the right attraction.

14. Brukina

For those obsessed with it.

15. Sobolo

It is one of the few drinks becoming common at ceremonies these days and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have it at your wedding.

sobolo drink

16. Atadwe Milk

Atadwe milk will win the day if you have it on the table because it is something most people love

17. Asaana

You don’t need malt, Asaana can do that.


18. Lamujin

Ginger up the place with some Lamujin for your guests.

19. Palm Wine

Just the drink most will be expecting.

20. Atwomo

This is loved by both adults and kids alike so imagine some Atwomo at your wedding, jackpot.

21. Kulikuli

Kulikuli will go perfectly with some Lamujin or Asaana.

22. Poloo

This will add some nostalgic feeling to the occasion.

23. Waagashi

Definitely, something your Northern friends will be expecting if you going all traditional.


Photo: ImgRum

24. Nkate Cake

Just the right snack for the occasion.

25. Koose

This wouldn’t be a bad idea at all.

26. Maasa

Of course, if there is Koose, then there should be Maasa too.

27. Ayigbe Biscuit

When was the last time you had one? The feeling you’re getting now is the same feeling you will ignite in your guests.

28. Pinkaso

A lot of people’s favourite.

29. Agbeli Kaakuro

With some coconut, you won’t regret it.

30. Kube Cake

Just what people will love.

kube cake

Photo: ImgRum

31. Bankye Kaklo

Another perfect snack just for the occasion.

ghanaian food

Photo: YawParePhotography

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