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How To Prepare Hash Brown* Eid al-Fitr Edition*

Recipe:  Hash Brown

Craving for some Hash Brown This Eid al-Fitr? Let us show you how to make it at home.


  • 3 large potatoes peeled
  • 1 fresh egg
  • Half red &/ white onions finely chopped ( about 2 Tablespoons)
  • Butter for shallow frying
  • ½ teaspoon Black pepper
  • Salt to taste

Here’s a video that teaches you how to make Hash Brown at home: 


  • Peel the potatoes and wash well
  • Cut into medium sizes
  • Parboil the potatoes in salted water for 5-7 minutes
  • While waiting for the potato to parboil, crack the egg and separate the yoke from the white.
  • Take the potatoes from the fire, strain the water and pour cold water on it, strain that too and allow the potatoes to cool.
  • While the potatoes is cooling, fry the chopped onions in a bit of butter
  • Grate the potatoes on the large size of the grater.
  • OFF the FIRE-Add the grated potatoes to the sautéed onions and mix well, add the salt, black pepper.
  • With a spoon, take a bit of the egg white, and spread or brush the potatoes, and keep the compact together in a flat shape.
  • Use a shape cutter of choice and cut the flattened potatoes into shape.
  • Continue till all done.
  • Scoop out a table spoon of butter into the frying pan and allow to melt and ready, put your shaped potatoes in one at a time, and well-
  • spaced for turning, keep turning till well cooked, nicely brown in colour.
  • Continue step 12 till all done.
  • Serve on its own as a starter, or in a burger.


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