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10 Annoying Practices By Ghanaian Workers That They Need to Stop

It’s May Day, which is a day to celebrate workers and so we can’t just let it go without touching on everything surrounding the Ghanaian worker.

Below are 10 bad practices of Ghanaian workers that they need to put an end to.

1. Coming To Work Late.

This happens everywhere but it’s more less in the private sector where attendance is taken very seriously. For government institutions, lateness is a regular occurrence. Nobody cares cos as they say, “the work is not for their mother or father”.


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2. Leaving Work Early.

You’ll think that for people who come to work late, they’ll leave late as well but that’s not the case. A lot of Ghanaian workers leave their posts before the official closing time. They always have one reason or the other why they do this. Annoyingly, when they even have clients to serve, they’ll say they’ve closed.

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3. Gossip.

This person is dating this one, this boss is dating this worker, this girl has slept with this guy and that guy, this guy has slept with 10 ladies in the office, this person has received salary increment etc. Gossip in the office normally leads to arguments and fights when it comes out. It also destroys relationships and puts a dent on worker relations which affects work.


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4. Laziness.

Most workers will do 10 when they can actually do 20. Some will walk or talk more than they actually work. There are some who sit and watch movies when they should be working. They always have an excuse why they didn’t do A or B. These people are always eager to leave for home, and are always the first to step out for lunch but the last to return.

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5. Using Office Hours To Do Personal Stuff.

In this era where the Ghanaian worker is juggling two or three jobs to survive, the tendency to bring personal stuff to the office to do is very high. If you do your personal stuff at your leisure hours, I believe it’s fine but when you leave your official duties to handle personal stuff, then it becomes an issue. It’s now normal to find workers doing other things aside their official duties during working hours, thereby neglecting their official duties.

6. Selling In The Office.

Entrepreneurship has been take to a whole new level by Ghanaian workers. From beads to soap to shoes, bags and clothes, everything is brought to the office for sale to colleagues. This is against corporate ethics which prohibit selling in the office. It can get very distractive with all the noise associated with the whole selling process.

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7. PHD Syndrome.

The pull him down (PHD) syndrome is very serious. Some people just decide to bring other people down in the office. You don’t have to do anything wrong to them, they just envy success and will do everything to bring you down. They start with  rumors and gossip and then graduate to more malicious acts like framing you etc. They do just about anything to ensure you get dropped to the bottom of the ladder if they see you as a threat.

8. MBA Attitude.

MBA simply means, “mi baaha aky3”, to wit, “I’ve been here for long”. There are such workers in every office. They feel that because they’ve been in the company or institution for a long time, they deserve certain privileges from other workers who they see as newbies. Even when you’re superior to them by virtue of position and grade, they still feel you have to bow down to them because they were there before you came. They will not even mind insulting you or showing gross disrespect to you.

9. Snitching.

This is a very bad thing but it happens in Ghanaian offices. There are some people who have slippery tongues and there are those who are more like spies to managers so anything you say is sent to them which at the end brews mistrust, anger, and queries or dislike in the office. Even a casual conversation among colleagues can be relayed to someone in authority if a passing comment is made about them.

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10. Eating In The Office.

Eating in the office is against corporate ethics but workers do it. How can you eat koko and koose in an air-conditioned office? Aside it distracting colleagues with the chewing noises, the smell also engulfs the whole office making it difficult for others to concentrate.

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