7 Types Of Shatta Wale Fans You Get To Meet As You Go About Your Everyday Life

Shatta Wale fans are everywhere. They will bombard you with his pictures, force you to listen to his songs, and jump in joy every time he says something silly. Seriously, his fans are crazy about him and follow his every move.

Let OMGVoice help you define the various kinds of Shatta Wale fans you encounter in your everyday life.

Now which one are you?!

1. The Hardcore ‘Shatta’ Fans Who Will Tear You Apart If You Say Anything Against him

These are the in-your-face fans who will take you to the cleaners if you utter a single word against their idol. They are the rightful protectors of ‘Shatta’s’ image and are willing to go any length to defend him on all fronts. To them Shatta can’t do no wrong.


2. The Ones Who Hate Him But Listen To All His Songs

These fans hate Shatta Wale “the person” but love Shatta Wale “the musician”. They are impressed by his delivery on records and at the same time dislike him for being a badass Shatta in real life.


3. The Ones Who Keep Scrapbooks And Photos Of Shatta Wale All Over

So they are the obsessed fans who want to be like him, live like him and dream about him every single moment of their lives. Their walls are covered with Shatta Wale photos and they are full of Shatta Wale gossip all the time. Check out their names and photos on social media.


4. The Ones Who Diss Samini At Every Opportunity

This breed of Shatta Wale fans came into being after the beef between Samini and Shatta. They will troll Samini on social media and go at it with anyone who dares mention Samini and Shatta Wale in the same sentence.


5. The Ones Who Diss Stonebwoy At Every Opportunity

This breed is new so we are watching to see what they will morph into.


6. The Badass Fans Who Repeat His Trademark Diss ‘Yo Moda’ or ‘Yo Moda Pussy’ In Everyday Situations

To them everything is ‘So so and so your moda’ or ‘so so your moda’s pussy’, they are only following their idol so we can’t be mad at them.


7. ‘Shatta Wale Is Innocent’ And ‘He Is Being Framed’ Fans

These are the unofficial public defendants of the superstar. They believe everyone is hating on their man and are out to show their support because their core believe is that Shatta Wale is being victimized for being a celebrity.


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