15 Ghanaians Who Just Discovered The Right Song For Valentine’s Day

This is Wan-O

And this is Adomaa

The two Ghanaian musicians just collaborated on a song titled, “Call My Name”.

And these Ghanaians believe this is the right song for Valentine’s day this year.

1. Well this lady just found the right words for bae

2. Exactly what he wants for vals days

3. She also found her tune for vals day

4. People are picking their vibes from it oh!

5. More lines for boo

6. This dude just called out bae

7. He also believes it’s a vals day special

8. More vibes

9. People are just drawing inspiration from it

10. Eeeiii!!! Charlie, boys make wild for this Valentine oh!!

11. Guys want to take advantage oh!

12. And this…

13. Then there are those who just can’t help praising the song

14. We suspect this guy is the reason it’s trending

15. Jealousy dey come inside oh!

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