Actor Chinedu Ikedieze joins inner circle of the political elites

Acting has become a standout profession for most African countries. Years back, the desire and dreams of most parents was for their kids to become lawyers or doctors and will strongly encourage for that to happen.

But when the monetization of the sports industry blossomed in the late 90’s most African kids especially lovers of soccer developed keen interest in it and parents who hitherto disliked the idea began to fully support them. Obviously, the end result was for the person to be successful at what they decide to do. But why didn’t the parents support the kids even when the soccer profession wasn’t as lucrative?

In the same way, acting was considered a second fiddle profession and was mostly the final destination for those who drop out of school or aren’t able to get to the university. Then the popularity wave began and instantly things have changed. Nollywood has fully been recognized now, the actors and actresses continue to be granted awards by Universities and Cities all over the world, Omotola being recognized by TIME Magazine, Martha Akomah and co being honored by Ghanaian Universities, Majid and John by the City Of Philadelphia, etc.

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In the last months, Chinedu Ikedieze seems to be at almost every event organized by the presidency in Nigeria and just a couple of days ago, he was part of the delegation by the country’s president’s trip to South Africa. If not for his fame in Nollywood, wouldn’t he have been ignored simply because of his size?

It’s an honor for Nollywood and we applaud his success.

But as a general discussion topic, should the stars only now be recognized because of the popularity of Nollywood? Should those who actually began the industry and worked hard to make it a success but never gained from it be forgotten? If parents have a choice of sending a child to acting school now that movies seem to provide instant recognition vrs other fields like medicine which takes longer to study and complete, which will they recommend for their children?