This Photo Of Chipukeezy Hanging Out With Kevin Hart Is The Real “Mama I Made It” Moment

Chipukeezy is making more moves than a world chess champion.

The comedian who many once dismissed as just another guy from Churchill Show is slowly breaking into the big leagues. That’s what you get when you have good friends like Eric Omondi. They show you the way – the Canaan way.

Chipukeezy has collaborated with Eric on a number of projects but his solo performances have been super hilarious too. He is even making a parody of popular American TV series Empire. Why did I stop watching Empire by the way? I guess I’ll go check it out again and see how far things have gone.

A poster of Chipukeezy’s upcoming Empire parody.

June 16th 2017

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Recently, Chipukeezy has been touring the United States and while at his hustles, he got to meet his idle.

The boy from Kamabland shared a moment with comedic rockstar Kevin Hart in Los Angeles. The two too a photo together and Chipukeezy was clearly more than excited. I would sleep with my shoes on too, for seven days straight, if I met Chris Rock in person.

Here’s the photo of the two comedians;