10 Things Some Women Do That Could Destroy Marriage

Written by Toks
Some men are difficult, but women as home builders must understand that marriage is a decent and sacred institution that must be treated with utmost respect and guided with all sense of decency.

Below are things some married women do that could destroy their marriage:
1. Poor communication: 
In every relationship we find ourselves, communication is vital. No one is a mind reader and no matter what it may be that could be a reason for your unhappiness, speak out immediately in a stern manner and not lackadaisically.

Some wives are found of calling relatives to complain about certain issues meanwhile the hubby at home does not have an idea of how hurting they are concerning that issue.2. Sharing their marital issue with a male admirer/friend. 
Not every guy you know is responsible. We have some low lives that has no regard for any form of decency and it is no news that many guys are in this category.

When you discuss your marital issues with an admirer or a male friend, what these guys hear is “I’m vulnerable, I need you as a succor”. This is why most times,when a married woman take solace in a male friend, the end result is usually an illicit affair. The male friend takes an advantage.3. Being careless with male friends. 
I think there should not be anything like just friends between a married woman and another man. If he is not your childhood friend, co-worker, business partner then you have no business with him.

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Many married ladies have a careless habit of keeping male friends indiscriminately and worst still get so careless allowing these guys call them by their maiden names.I will never call a married lady by her maiden name because just as the name suggests, its her unmarried name but will rather put Mrs, sis, madam.

When a married lady is called by her maiden name, it diminishes as well as tarnishes her respect, image and matrimony giving room for a potential unethical relationship between her and the “just male friends”.

4. Seeking vengeance. 
Many married lady tend to take some actions in order to prove to their hubby that a sauce for the goose is also ok for the gander but unfortunately this will destroy your marriage more.

When you take a revenge on your hubby, of what use will that be to you?

5. Talking down on your hubby. 
This is one mistake many ladies do. You and your hubby are one and talking down on him means talking down on yourself. It is one thing to voice out what he did and another to use outright abusive words on him.

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In situations where a couple separates, some ladies will not mind talking down on their hubby with a friend, their family and even with male admirers and i keep wondering if the woman thinks this will earn her any form of respect.

If you call your hubby a sick man then what does that make you? Or you call your hubby an asshole then it takes an asshole to tango with such a man.

No matter how angry you may be, don’t ever rule out reconciliation and even if you are never going to reconcile ,respect your matrimony with him.

6. Believing there is always a better man out there. 
This is one believe this is so wrong. Ladies believe they will get a better replacement. There are more than enough never married ladies out there for the unmarried guys, so why is a sane single guy leaving all the good single ladies to come after you? He is running from something.

Many women divorcees realize this too late as they end up as a toy in the hands of randy men, as second wife, or end up single for a long time as many men will believe they are doing them a big favour by just sleeping with them and give them money.

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7. Sharing their marital issues with single female friends.Like seriously! it may surprise you to know that most of your friends who are still single are not happy that you are married so take your marital problem to them at your own risk.

8. Not looking decent. 

Laziness is a problem. Men get carried away by what they see so do yourself a favour, get that big tummy down and get into decent outfits that would make your man desire you more.9. Never sorry. 
Some wives are egocentric to the extent that when they do or say things that are wrong, they will never or hardly apologize but rather would want to buttress the rationale behind their actions and most men see this as an appalling nature. Don’t find it difficult to apologize to your husband.

10. Not ready to try enough in the kitchen and the bedroom.If you are a married lady reading this, please don’t joke with your kitchen and the other room. Take care of your husband well in these two places and he’s all yours. Make your marriage the best by making necessary adjustment and see things get better naturally.

– by Toks 2008