Father Under Fire After Facebook Live Punishment Goes Viral

A young boy learned a tough lesson from dad after his bad behavior went overboard.

After his son refused to get his act together at school, a father decided to take drastic disciplinary action.

After shaving the top of his son’s head to look like George Jefferson, he made the boy dance for the entertainment of not only he and others in the room, but the dozens of viewers watching on Facebook Live.

Before we jump to any conclusions, here’s the account of what happened according to the original post…

The boy had allegedly been getting into all kinds of trouble at school. The father’s course of disciplinary action was taken after his son had gotten into six fights, spent money he stole at a garage sale, and told a girl to “give him head.”

Though he undoubtedly deserved to be punished, many are criticizing the way the father went about it. In fact, they point to his own behavior in the videos and suggest he is the reason the child acts that way.

“I wonder where he gets it from???,” read one comment.

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