Reject ‘sloppy’ NDC, NPP governments – PPP tells workers

The Progressive People’s Party (PPP) has urged workers marking May Day today to vote wisely in the next general elections in order to avoid what it describes as difficulties on the labour front in the country.

The party’s message to workers marking the day. which is being celebrated under the theme, “Ghana’s economy, a concern for all”, among other things, asked to them reflect on the general governance systems within the last 20 years and reject “the sloppy bi-polar NDC-NPP governance systems”.

The PPP May Day statement was signed by the party’s National Secretary, Kofi Asamoah-Siaw.

Below is the full statement:

Ordinarily on a day like this we should have joined you in your merriment, excitement and joy.

However we cannot pretend to be joyous while you the main protagonists of the occasion brood in pain and agony. We understand your pain because these are not normal days on our labour front.

The labour front is troubled with many agitations over salary adjustments and untoward hardships that are certainly not the making of the Ghanaian worker; but due to bad governance and its attendant draconian economic policies. The effects of these policies have dire consequences on Ghanaian workers most of who are parents.

The PPP is aware of how increased tariffs, fuel products and taxes have reduced the Ghanaian worker to a wretch in his/her motherland. Certainly there is nowhere to turn to for help in this trying moments than to remain resolutely despondent and wallow in your troubles. But as you wait in pain with obviously no immediate solution in sight, we entreat you to reflect rather deeply on the general governance systems that we have experienced within the last 20 years and try to answer certain basic questions:

How to deal with what has become the perennial gloom on the labour front for the past 20 years? Whether it is worth entrusting again your destinies into the hands of such oligarchs; whether there is no alternative to the sloppy bi-polar NDC-NPP governance systems; and judging by their deeds, whether that alternative is not found in the PPP?

Many great inventions had been horned out  of anger; not the type of anger that calls for disorder and disturbances; but an anger that should set you seething for absolute change and transformation on the political front. Fortunately you have the deadliest weapon-the thump as an expression of that anger at the right time. So use it when the time is due in the next two years.

Yes we understand your anger! But it should not end at where you only express your frustrations in picketing and other forms of demonstrations; this time around we urge you to demonstrate the will to take your destiny into another realm by trying the Progressive People’s Party to bring you the desired transformation.

Despite the despondency, we still congratulate you the Ghanaian worker who has been a bulwark of the Ghanaian economy with no respect. We celebrate and admire your resilience; but it is about time no politician took your resilience for a ride. Your destiny is in your own hands, exercise it judiciously when you are called upon to make that major political change in 2016.

We say  Ayeeko to you gallant workers of Ghana.