A Beginner’s Guide To Natural Skincare Products: Amanda Jo Of Organic Bunny


  • Did you know that on an average day, an individual puts or consumers more than 80+ chemicals on their skin?
  • Are you aware that chemicals and toxins in skincare products disrupt hormonal production leading to illnesses?
  • Have you looked at anti-chemical alternatives in terms of exploring natural and organic skincare products?

The above are some important questions that Amanda Jo of Organic Bunny, a leading name in the natural skincare world will help us in answering.

The human skin is the largest organ of the body and requires proper care, nutrition, and attention to live healthily. This means that the first thing that we need to do is cut all kinds of chemical usage in our skincare and makeup products.

In this beginner’s guide, we look at some important aspects of natural skincare. We also discuss the harmful effects of chemicals and why they should be avoided at all times.

Natural Skincare: What does it mean and why you should pay attention?

Let us get right to the facts. Natural skincare is a process that requires makeup and skincare products to use naturally occurring ingredients and materials in the products.

The term ‘natural’ is not supported by any regulations. However, when it comes to using the term ‘organic’, there are certain strict regulations and benchmarks that companies have to follow before using the label organic on their products.

However, natural skincare is an advancement over chemical and toxin-based products that have flooded our markets. Being simple with your skincare is what experts like Amanda Jo of Organic Bunny recommend.

Even if you have to wash your face, it is best that you simply rinse it with water if you do not have access to natural or organic skincare products.

Why Chemicals in Skincare Products are Dangerous for Human Beings?

Parabens, fragrances, BHT, Phthalates, Lead, DMDM…

The above are some of the most dangerous chemicals and toxins in skincare products that have disastrous implications for our general well-being.

While external issues like acne, rashes, allergies, and marks are visible to the naked eye, these chemicals become far more dangerous because they can get absorbed into our skin.

Yes, you read that right. All the above toxins that have been mentioned above, can get absorbed and enter your bloodstream. Studies have shown that they can interfere with the hormonal balance of the skin, leading to liver issues, digestion ailments, and even cancer!

This is why a sustained effort is required to spread awareness, information, and education in this area. Even though authorities have come up with stricter regulations, the massive amounts of money that can be used by bigger brands are proving to be a strong obstacle.

What Individuals should do to Shift to a Natural Skincare Regimen?

First things first. It is important to take a close look at all the products on your shelf and see their composition. If you notice any of the chemicals that we have mentioned above, please responsibly dispose of them. The next thing you need to do is research brands where the composition of all their ingredients is tilted heavily towards natural ingredients.

It should be pointed out that contrary to popular perception, natural and organic skincare products are not expensive. In fact, given that they will allow you to not develop any major health issues, they should be the only alternative.

Individuals should not get swayed by which celebrity is promoting which brand. Just to let you in on a small secret, no celeb uses what they endorse. They know better but do not have any issues in taking huge sums of money and promoting something that they do not use.

The Final Word

In the words of Amanda Jo or Organic Bunny, it is important to gain the right kind of information on skincare from the internet and digital platforms. While there are educative platforms, others simply add to the noise and promote chemicals of varying types.