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The 10 Times Nigerian Food Was Given A Whole New Look

Nigerian meals are simply a delight to behold, they taste delicious and can be made in so many different ways. 

Some people believe that Nigerian meals are boring, but these pictures prove that Nigerian food can, in fact, look amazing, and have a place in international cuisine.

1. Amala like you’ve never seen it.


2. This Moin Moin shed its leaves and became even more lovely.

moin moin

3. Can you believe this is Garri?


4.  Garri and Moin Moin = Lethal combo

 garri and moin moin

5. This Eba that is nobody’s mate.


6. And this Eba that is on another level too.


7. Our beloved Jollof Rice.

jollof rice

Photo : twitter/asemota

8.  Who knew Okra could look this good?


9. This bowl of Plantain clearly means business.


Image: Twitter/Lililoov

10. And this amazing picture of Bole and Fish.

bole and fish

Image: Kamdora

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