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10 Annoying Things That Happen At Ghanaian Eateries Known As Chop Bars

Chop bars are places that majority of Ghanaians eat, just because they serve local dishes.

However, being at a Chop Bar can get you angry due to these annoying things.

1. Food Not Ready.

It’s annoying to get there and have them tell you food is not ready, especially when you go there for lunch and it’s way past 1 pm. Why can’t food be ready when it should?


2. No Soap.

This is one thing that always causes confusion at Chop Bars. You finish eating and there’s no soap to wash your hand. They always say, “oh, it just got finished”. My question is, shouldn’t they have a lot of them in stock since customers will definitely wash their hands after eating? You’ll end up with no choice than to use water.


3. No Bowls.

This is the ultimate annoyance. You walk into a Chop Bar and when you try getting a bowl to buy your food, you realise there are no bowls.  They then tell you to wait while they wash some. Shouldn’t they have enough to serve customers or have someone solely doing the washing of the used bowls? Imagine waiting with your hunger while someone washes a bowl for you and due to the rush, it never gets washed properly.


4. Show Off Customers.

We know you have money to blow but can you not flash it in our faces? These customers will come and order small food with more than enough meat that threatens to spill over the bowl. The annoying part is when you have just a little meat sitting pitifully on top of your food and they have that heap and will be smiling at you.

Photo Credit: Yaw Pare Photography

5. The Noise Maker.

You come to the eatery to eat and sometimes just relax your mind in some peace and quiet. At least if you want to talk, keep it low but this person will speak on top of their voice disturbing everyone. From complaints to arguments on practically everything, you can count on this person for all your noise needs.

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6. Soup In Shirt.

Have you had soup stain your shirt at a Chop Bar? This happens a lot. It, however, gets frustrating when the stain is due to someone’s eating. Yes, while trying to bite into that meat and tear off a piece, they end up pulling too hard, and then having the soup fly all over the place and staining the shirts of those around.

7. The Undecided Customer.

We come to the chop bar because we are hungry, therefore any form of delay won’t be tolerated at all. They want chicken, then change their mind and want goat meat. When given that, they want egg too, then they want ginger if there’s some available. All this happens one at a time drawing chuckles from other customers.

+Image: peaceben

8. No Water.

There is nothing more annoying than eating and realising there’s no water at the eatery. A lot of times these Chop Bar operators fail to realise that food and water go hand-in-hand. They’ll allow all their water to get finished while still serving food and when you request for water, then they tell you it’s finished. Imagine this situation where you’re choking on your food.


9. The Drunkard.

They are all over the place and they won’t let you have your peace of mind to eat. Even when you’re not giving them audience, they’ll still force and get your attention by tapping you on the shoulder. If you’re not lucky, they’ll stagger and slam into you and sometimes even drag you to the floor with them when they are going down.


10. No Seat.

Chop Bars are normally not that big so you have limited number of tables and chairs so when you get there and the place is full, you either go to a different place or you stand and wait. All in your hunger.

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