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Ghanaian dishes top a variety of dishes on the African continent. Here’s the why and how to prepare some tasty and healthy recipes.
Ghana Foods

Fish Dishes

Fish Dishes Click Below To See Fish Recipes: Traditional Fried Fish Avocado with Smoked Fish Kentumere — (Fish & Spinach in Tomatoes ) Avacafdo &...

Ghana Foods

Meat Dishes

Meat Dishes Click Below To See Delicious Meat Recipes: Shrimp Kebabs Traditional Fried Fish Braised Chicken with Chiles Avocado with Smoked Fish Akotonshi...

Ghana Foods

Ghanaian Dishes

Ghana  boasts a wide selection of international restaurants, particularly in Accra downtown and Kumasi,  but adventurous visitors might also want to...

Ghana Foods

Banku And Tilapia

To cook grilled Tilapia Lay out sheets of aluminum foil—large enough to wrap around each piece of fish, Squirt lemon juice on the fish or brush on olive...