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“Demons Attracted Men To Me”; Lady Who Slept With Various Men For Money

Anywhere she went, men were drawn to her. Be it in a restaurant, walking on the road or attending a social function – a seductive spirit would always attract them to her. A casual glance. An exchange of numbers. A subsequent meeting. For Vivian Iwuchukwu, sleeping with men became not just a means of fleeting pleasure but an actual source of livelihood.

Scaling through university – her education and that of her siblings funded through such frivolous activities – Vivian struggled to find a job constantly surrounded by nagging men. Strangely, the calibre of men coming her way were the rich and influential in society. They were often married and began giving her the attention due their wives – leading to ugly scenarios at home.

Anytime she got a job, miniscule issues would lead her to angrily resign – pushing her back down the path of lust and fornication.However, all the money accrued through such illicit means left as swiftly as they came. Searching for solution, Vivian was deceived to visit a shrine where she underwent an initiation involving the exchange of money and bathing in a swampy river. However, the problems only seemed to surmount, as did the amount of money the spiritualists were demanding from her.

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Tuning into Emmanuel TV one day as her life had reached its lowest ebb, she prayed along with Prophet T.B. Joshua. The following morning, Vivian said something had ‘opened her eyes’, realising that she needed deliverance. Mustering the courage to come to The SCOAN, she received prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua last week where the evil spirits responsible for her plights were exposed and expelled. After her deliverance, Vivian testified that her body felt so light and all thoughts of her past had left.

She spoke of the newness of life she had experienced since her deliverance, adding that her heart was rippling with joy.

Vivian advised young ladies especially to not seek after the flashy things of the world but get involved in a living Church and seek the face of God.