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Ghanaian Girl’s Private Video Leaks – Please Ladies Don’t Ever Try This

I saw this video couple of days ago on facebook and it got me sad all day. I wondered what could have prompted such a gorgeous girl to get herself doing this on a video. I find it plus 18 content and as such have been reluctant on posting it  here. But then a loyal reader resent the  link to me again today. This is already on facebook and other websites so I said scratch the decency. I am posting this here for several reasons of which entertainment is not part.

This is to warn our beautiful ladies out there not to get themselves into this because these videos mostly end up online even with celebrities,  how less a mere you. This is being embeded straight from a site so it is not my content , nor did i upload it so spare me the Holy Mary and Saint Peter Bullcrap, watch it and learn from it or just find the X at the your right hand side of your browser. I dont get what our society is turning into, most Ghanaian movies are going porn and some of our ladies going dis way too.

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There was a similar video out last month of a legon girl dancing and stripping off  like this too. I made it go without publishing it since i didnt see anything entertaining or educative about it apart from the shame she brought to us as Ghanaians. Now, this one is also up, I guess we have to talk about it, we have to publish it and let these home made lil porn girls understand that we are Ghanaians for Christ Sake. Geez!!!. Click here to watch the video