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Hour Of Tears

Synopsis: Nwatu(Don Brymo Uchegbu) is a good man whose family shares a good amount of love, peace and togetherness. His loving family however has attracted some admiration and even envy from outsiders because of his undying love towards his wife and children. Nwatu’s and his family so far have remained an exemplary family in terms of love and understanding until one fateful encounter with a woman, his very good customer; an encounter that changed everything about Nwatu, his dear wife and his only daughter. Indeed there is no limit for an evil woman who is on an evil mission just to achieve her evil desires and bring glory to herself.

Cast: Don Brymo Uchegbu, Joyce Kalu,Ifeanyi Azodo, Regina Daniels, Ejike Collins, Hayez Achu and Nichole Banna

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