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These People From Sogakope Claims They Captured A Dwarf God (Video)

In a rather bizarre situation, a group of men from the Volta region, Sogakope to be precise claim they’ve captured a dwarf god and were seen leading him to God knows where.

From a close look, you can easily tell the person is probably retarded and really needs medical attention but unfortunately, these people chose to hail him as a dwarf god.

This got almost the whole township trooping to catch a glimpse of the supposed dwarf.

This incident was captured by Icon Joseph who indicated he’s following up on the story to get to the bottom of it.

Our knowledge of mental health in the country is really bad and from the look of the pictures, it is obvious the man in question is a mentally challenged person but unfortunately, the wrong impression have been created claiming he’s a dwarf god.

This is a video of the incident and how people thronged to catch a glimpse of the purported dwarf.

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