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WATCH: All you Need to know about the Fire Dance

The Fire Dance which is one of the revered traditional dances in northern Ghana is associated with Bassares both in Ghana and neighbouring Togo.

It is not everyone who is allowed to take part in this dance because it is said to have some spiritual connotations.

The dance it was gathered is staged mostly during festivals and special occasions where the dancers who must go through some fortification processes are required to mount heaps of burning firewood to display their skills but will not be hurt.

According to Npong Balikawu who is a native of the area, the dancers are spiritually fortified; ‘it signifies bravery (warrior) especially persons who want to showcase their spiritual prowess”

He revealed that the dancers are also seers and persons who are not fortified spiritually but try to dance on the lighted fire will be crippled for life.

Residents of the area who are noted for engaging in the fire dance revealed that under the fire articles such as eggs and the blood of an animals are buried indicating that it is part of the fortification process.

It was uncovered that the dance was usually done prior to warriors leaving for the battle fields to test the preparedness of the chosen warriors but has since become a practice for occasions in the Bassare communities.

Watch Video Below: Courtesy Francis Npong Balikawu