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Candidiasis Develops Into Gonorrhea And HIV – Doctor Claims (VIDEO)

Every now and then, something pops up on TV that makes you wonder if there may have been some merit to the National Media Commission (NMC)’s unsuccessful attempt to push through a law that required media owners to seek content approval from them.

The latest of these mind-boggling scenes on TV that made rounds was that of a so-called “doctor” advertising some medication, which itself is not wrong.

But this doctor appeared to insinuate that candidiasis progressed to gonorrhea and after a while developed into syphilis, hence the need for his medication.

It doesn’t end there. He proceeds to explain that the syphilis will erode one’s immune system and eventually develop into HIV.

The NMC’s attempts at tighter regulation were declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court after a lawsuit by Ghana Independent Broadcasters Association (GIBA).

GIBA said its opposition was to the protect the fundamental rights of the media, as enshrined in the 1992 Constitution.

Video below;