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This Beautiful Lady Wants To Remain A Virgin Till Marriage

Adrienna Wembi is 26 and she told Sun Online that she’ll sleep with only one man; her husband.
Her words: “I’m only going to have s*xual inter-course with one guy, the guy I will marry. I made that decision when I was 18 and I have kept to it.”“I was in a relationship in high school and because I wasn’t willing to go past a certain point, we broke up – I wasn’t willing to go to the next step to s*xual inter-course.

“But if I was to lose my virginity when I was 14, how many guys would I have slept with?

“When you find the right person that is your soulmate, then you can go ahead. Otherwise, you’ll end up having s*x with everyone and I don’t think that’s right.”