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N@ked man fights fully-clothed foe in street as bizarre footage of brawl goes viral on Facebook

A shocked witness captured mobile phone footage as the nude man – wearing just a pair of black socks on his feet – and the other combatant traded punches in a daylight scrap

Onlookers were left stunned as a naked man and another man squared off in a bizarre fight in the middle of a street.

A shocked witness captured mobile phone footage as the nude man and the other combatant traded punches in a daylight scrap.

Video posted online shows the naked man – wearing nothing but a pair of black socks on his feet – throwing a punch before he’s chased down the street and knocked to the floor.

The footage was shot on a mobile phone and has gone viral after it was posted on Facebook, where it was viewed more than 22,000 times in four hours on Saturday.

(Photo: Nathan Clarkson/Facebook)

Nathan Clarkson, who posted the video on Facebook, wrote that the fight happened in Colne, Lancashire.

In the video, the naked man throws a punch at the fully-clothed man, who is wearing a black hat, Adidas T-shirt, trousers and shoes.

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The naked man then backs off and is chased down the street as a handful of witnesses look on.

The clothed man then appears to land a right hook, as the naked man falls backwards onto the floor.

(Photo: Nathan Clarkson/Facebook)

The 10-second clip ends as the clothed man stands over his fallen foe.

It was unclear when the fight occurred, why the men were brawling in the street or why one of the men wasn’t wearing any clothes.

It was also unclear whether the fight or public display of nudity was reported to police.

A Lancashire Police spokesman checked the force’s call history and said there was no record of officers being sent to a fight involving a naked man in Colne in recent days.

Mirror Online has contacted Mr Clarkson for comment.

He wrote on Facebook: “I might move back to colne so I can watch stuff like this unveil on the street”.

Most of those who commented on the post seemed to find humour in the video.

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One person wrote: “I know the suns out but it’s not that bloody hot”.

Another added: “Don’t expect this during the day. Ffs glad no kids about. My 10 year old daughter and her friends walk that way to and from school”.

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