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Shocking: Woman Bites Off the Head of a Snake and Devours It in Front of Shocked Audience During Talent Hunt

A contestant on a Talent Hunt show, has shocked the many viewers after seizing a snake and devouring its head in front of them.

A really incredible footage has shown the moment a fearless woman devoured a live snake in front of a stunned talent show audience.
According to The Sun UK, the woman, whose name performed her stomach-churning act at a live show at a scenic spot in Yunyang county in China’s south-western Chongqing municipality.

Judges and other contestants watched in horror as the woman brought the live snake on stage.

As the music began to play, she started her reptilian feast and peeled away at the snake’s tough skin while biting into its raw flesh.
Like an animal, she killed the snake and downed its raw and bloody flesh – then chased it with a beer.

“I’ve been eating live animals forever,” the performer said. “I’ve had no side effects.”

She admitted that she was “afraid” when trying her first live meal.

“But I quickly got used to it,” she added.

“Bullfrogs, pigeons, eels – I don’t discriminate,” the woman said while explaining some of her most common live dishes.

It is unclear what the other contestants performed at the show, but the woman unsurprisingly stole much of the crowd’s attention with her stunts, which she claims was simply a display of her usual daily diet.