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20 Beautiful Pictures That Prove Life In The Village Is All Fun And No Worries

We all come from the village but we all hate to stay there because we believe life in the city is more luxurious.

However, what we fail to appreciate is that life in the village is more stress-free and full of fun. Let these pictures speak to you.

1. Don’t you wish you were part of this?


2. No worries about a garage.


3. There’s always a helping hand.


4. Entertainment is free.


#ghana #ghanavillagevisit #africa #music

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5. We don’t worry about gas.


6. Games breed unity.


7. This is our supermarket, everything is within arms reach.


#ghana #photosofghana #mybeautifulghana #easternregionghana

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8. This game puts a smile on our face all the time.


9. Life is always fun with our peers.


Os quatro amigos The four friends #ghana #photosofghana

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10. We gladden your heart all the time.


11. We don’t need a gym, our life is a workout.


12. We bond easily.


Daily life #ghana #photosofghana #mybeautifulghana #ashantiregion

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13. We have a close relationship with nature.


#ghana #photosofghana #mybeautifulghana #butterfliesofghana #butterflies #butterfliesandmoths

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14. Lots of places to relax.


Hollywood is everywhere #ghana #photosofghana #mybeautifulghana

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15. Nature speaks to us.


Enjoying the falls #ghana #photosofghana #beautifulghana #mybeautifulghana #wlifalls #wlifallsghana

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16. Life is fun all the time and there is little to worry about.


17. Freedom stares us in the face.


Black Volta #ghana #photosofghana #ghananature #mybeautifulghana #beautifulghana #blackvolta

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18. Even the rain reminds us of its love.


19. There’s togetherness.


20. Pets are our friends.


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