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Meet GH Hunk for May, Michael Addo Sefa

Meet 27-year old Michael Addo Sefa, our GH Hunk for the month of May, supported by Dark & Lovely- Blue Ice roll-on. He attended University of Ghana, where he finished with a BA. Economics and Statistics, in 2013. He is currently an insurance broker, an entrepreneur, a teacher and a gym instructor, and also a graduate student reading MPhil Actuarial Science at University of Ghana.

Michael aspires to be a financial analyst, a lecturer and a fitness consultant, and he hopes winning GH Hunk for May would give his gym some much need publicity! “I like the fact that it was competitive but I won. I hope to use this brief fame to bring people to my gym so they gain from the essence of exercise. It felt very great winning and honestly took part to create publicity for my gym. It meant a lot to me,” he says.

Body stats

Height – 5’9.

Weight -165 Ibs

Chest – 41

Waist – 31″

What makes me a hunk?

Sexiness to me is physically and character wise appealing. I smile a lot and people find it sexy.

5 tips on how to be sexy or stay sexy

Regular exercise to keep in shape, proper diet, enough rest, avoid negative company and believe in yourself.

What I find attractive in my partner

My partner should have nice legs

A day in my life

I wake up early at 4 a.m. to train for about an hour and half, leave for work and during the day go a class depending on my timetable. Basically just work and school.

My workout plan

I do compound exercises on a daily routine. That is each day’s routine targets one particular group of muscles. 

My diet plan

Not really into special diets but I try to control my carbs intake and eat more protein foods and vegetables.

Funniest comment about my body?

Funniest thing I heard was that I got chest(boobs) and I should start wearing bra.

Plastic surgery?

If I could have a plastic surgery I would remove all scars on my body.

My biggest asset

My biggest asset is my personality.

My sense of style

Corporate. I am suit and tie guy.

Trendiest fashion accessories of the moment

Wrist Mala Bead

5 fashion items I cannot live without

Sportcoat, Crewneck T shirt, Khakis, dessert boots and Lace-up shoes.

Shoes or sandals?



Never, because of its health complications.

Body Piercing?

No just dont like it.

African clothing or Western clothing?

Western clothing

Favourite colour of clothing?


Favourite fragrance/perfume?

Paco Rabanne 1 million

Favorite food?

Rice balls with groundnut soup.

Boxers or briefs?


Casual or formal?


Roll-on deodorant or spray?


Razor or shaving machine?


Beer or Vodka?


Skinny or Baggy jeans?

Skinny jeans

Tucked in or sagging?

Tucked in

Cocoa butter or Vaseline?

Cocoa butter

Beads or Chains?