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31 S** Positions That Will Spice Up Your Relationship

Want Some Spice In Your Love Life? Check Out These.....

When it comes to sex positions, we are all aware of the basic ones such as Doggy style, missionary, woman on top etc. But there are more advanced sex positions that are intriguing and gives more sexual satisfaction but many have not tried it before or probably never seen it before.

These positions will wow your sexual experience if you try them, but you need to note that, you need strength to execute some of them and so if in any way you’re not comfortable with it, we advice you, stop it.

Come with me as I present to you in pictures these advanced sex positions for a better sex life.


This position might appear simple, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. It’s the best position for women who love to have their clits massaged and also get the G-spot hit and those who love deep penetration. In this position, the woman is more in control and can direct the ding dong in the right areas. She can also be able to touch her herself to achieve more orgasm.

Many women get performance jitters over the thought of giving a helping hand during sex, when in fact the sight of her adding fuel to their bonfire is a sure-fire way to burn him up with lust.


In this position, you will need some tools to assist you and both partners will love it. The woman gets the chance to rock you and the man enjoys in a similar way. Most men love having a good view of the woman’s ass, which stimulates them. This position is best for such thoughts because you get the chance to have a nice view while you’re at it. The angle of penetration also makes the woman enjoy it the more because it will be rubbing against her clitoris throughout the act and of course her G-spot can’t be left out.

Any position that gives him unlimited access to her wiggling backside will motivate him to race that extra mile she needs to cross her finish line.


This position does not need much thrusting and comes in gentle. Both partners can wiggle at it and have all the sensations run through their body. It feels good and it’s calm.

If you’re the type who hates it whenever it pops out and you need to stick it back in, then this is the best position for you, because with it, it stuck at it’s right place and the angle will not allow it to pop out.


Usually, it’s men who always do the thrusting, but have you ever tried to let your woman do it in the same position? It’s awesome!!! The feeling is absolutely different.

In this position, the woman take charge and because they are the ones doing the thrusting they go at it in a rather good pace, in fact they teach you how it’s done and you get to enjoy a whole different sensation from the regular.


Ok! This is for the boss. Ladies who are acrobatic can give you the surprise of your life with this one. It’s a bit difficult to execute but the results is worth it. Penetrating from an awkward angle gives you a different sensation you’ve not experienced before. Give it a try but you need to be gentle with it.


Well! you might have tried doggy style in various positions but have you tried to make her stand on a chair in this position? When you do there’s one thing you should be assured of, you slide in with ease. You get to feel all the inner walls and touch all the sweet buds in there…it’s awesome for both partners. You also get to feel all the boobs.


Talk about tightness and this all you need, talk about adventure and you definitely need this one. This position tightens the vagina and also gives you the man full access to her inner walls. Don’t try this if you know you come quick, it’s best for prolong ejaculation.


Usually, in the normal position, the upper part of the head of the penis rubs against the clitoris, but ladies, have you ever tried to have the lower part of the penis, rub against the clitoris? It is rough down and trust me you wouldn’t need a vibrator anymore after experiencing this.

In this position, the penetration is inverted giving you an extra O sensation due to the angle of penetration. When viewed from above, both partners are intertwined in an X form hence the name.


There’s nothing so sensational than when both of you go at it at the same rhythm and pace and this is the best position for that, at this position both of you can attack each other with the same thrusting while you all achieve maximum satisfaction. The man also gets the chance to rub your clitoris from beneath the butt.


Talk of locking each other up and this is what you need. It’s a good advantage for women because at this position, there’s no way he will be able to withdraw just when you are about achieving your orgasm, because you have him locked down and you can rock him as much as you desire till you’re fully blown out. You also get to have it rub the inner walls and all the right buttons. You wouldn’t also bother much about it slipping out, it stays intact till you achieve your aim.


I’m sure you’ve heard of G-Spot, but I doubt you’ve heard of A-spot and C-spot, so I’m wondering how you will be able to hit them when you don’t even know it exists. Well with this position you don’t even need to know them, you can hit them all at the same time.

This position gives you the advantage to penetrate deeper or shallow as you desire, touching all the spots that makes her coil up.


This is another best position for tightness and needs a lot of strength to execute but the end results is worth it. You get to have a nice view of her face and boobs which is definitely a turn on for most men.


If you tried doing it while standing, this is an easy way of doing it while sitting and it also gives you good penetration with more intimacy. Guys, you need more strength to get more thrusting because you need to lift her up and down on the D.


Need I say more, the picture says it all. This position gives you the best ride ever and you also get to rub it in the right places.


This is the best position for deep penetration and he also gets to rub his skin against the clit, giving you more sensations as he rocks you. Truth is, you can’t be in this position for long. But 2 minutes is enough to give you that sensation you so desire.


This is the best position to comfortably knock your nuts off. Ladies comfortably get to sit on the D in a comfortable position so they can rock well and because of the comfort, they get to do it well.


This is the opportunity to do your push ups for a better course. Many ladies will go crazy when you go for this position. They get to have a nice view of your sexy butt.


This is taking the woman on top position to a different level and ladies you might not know this but in this position, men love you more because it makes them feel you’re in charge and you show them some love.

Aside this, you thrusting makes it more fun and it feels good for both partners.


This is another good position for a clear view and good penetration.


A very comfortable position for men and a good romance for women. You get to play with her clit as you sit and also have easy access to her boobs  and she can also wiggle in the right directions. The man can assist her by holding onto her waist and helping with the thrusting.


If you need some good loving, then this is the best position. In this position, couples get to rub each others organ while at it. There’s more pressure on the clitoris and the penetration can be deep.


The position gets it’s name from the conga drum and how it’s handled. This position allows you calmly wriggle it in and rock it like the conga drum. You also get to have a good view on this one. Here, there’s no need to rush.


You’ve always seen athletes start a race in a particular position, have you ever thought of trying it in the bedroom? It’s sensational and the picture says it all, because you get to have the deep penetration you so desire. Also due how the woman’s legs are positioned, it tightens the vagina and gives you more friction.


Talk of having a good access to all his organs, while at it. In this position, you get to have a comfortable seat while rocking, you can also play with his balls. The man also gets to have a good view from the back and can also massage your butt or back.


Don’t panic! it’s not as difficult as you see it. In fact it’s very thrilling and there’s no much pressure as you viewing it. If you look critically you realize much of the effort is on the chair and the legs of the man.

Penetration is deep on this one and the clits gets more stimulated.


Ladies! If you know you have pains during sex, just don’t go for this one, because once you’re caught in this net, there’s no point of escape.

But if you know you have no such issue, then you’re good to go because when you orgasm, you know you are locked down and you will enjoy it fully.


For this bottom-to-bottom bump to work, he is going to need thighs of steel or else give in to the impulse and simply sit on her, which should make for some very deep, meaningful sex indeed.

This is the sound you will hear from her, hence the reason behind the name. Need I say more? It’s superb.


This is a high-energy pose for the strong of heart (and arm for him) only. She should take care not to vault onto his groin with too much vigor, or she may end up breaking his bounce permanently.


Spreading wide is going to give him a vulnerable feeling that she should freely exploit by aggressively getting what she wants. A few added slaps to the back of his thighs should remind him who’s who.


This is where you get the chance to take control as a woman and actually live the saying, “What  a man can do, a woman can do better”

The closer he brings his knees to his chest, the easier it will be for her to pay some amorous attention to main accessory.