VIDEO: Media "Exaggerating" Reports Of Power Cuts, Outages Will End Soon – ECG

The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has blamed Ghana’s media and social media for ‘exaggerating’ reports about the perennial energy crises confronting the nation.

Addressing a press conference, Director of Operations of the ECG, Engineer Tetteh Okyne said if the nation was experiencing “dumsor”, the company would announce it and not hide the truth.

 He noted that the energy suppliers have assured ECG of quality energy.

He told the press that the “suppliers of energy have assured us that there’s energy coming. So, we based on that, we’re going ahead to plan our jobs and our things to ensure that we’ll be able to give reliable supply to our customers.” 

Touching on incidents that account for the recent power crises, Engineer Okyne cited cable theft, cable encroachments and road accidents tilting the electricity poles among other failures as some causal factors.

According to him, the ECG is working hard to ensure they supply electricity to consumers in the country.

“I must say that we have been doing a lot of work [a lot of work]. A lot of projects because there are supply quality regulations which we need to meet. So, at any time, we have a lot of projects going on. So, it’s difficult to say that we are not going to have outages because as we do the projects, we need to get outages to connect them onto the network…If there’s dumsor, we have to announce it.”

Director of Engineering at the ECG, Kwadwo Ayensu Obeng, on his part noted that the periodic power outages are normal phenomena, but there appears to be greater emphasis on them by the media making it seem as if it is a “prevailing thing”.

“Outages have been with us for a long time but today, because of social media and your presence, the power goes off in one area; one radio station picks it and announces it. You also pick it and announce it and it’s as if a whole area is off. It may just be one feeder which is off. So, today, there’s greater awareness and there’s greater reportage. That is why it appears that it’s a prevailing thing but it’s not so,” he told the gathering.

These comments follow up on the ECG’s announcements that the country is not experiencing load shedding, popularly called “dumsor”.

Watch video below: