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Mahama Must Apologize to the Northern Ghana People, Not Me to Him – Otiko Djaba

It looks like Otiko Djaba will be in the headlines for some time like Hannah Tetteh used to be until the election tsunami blew her off.

GhanaCelebrities.com has informed you of the detailed relationship between The Gender, Children and Social Protection Minister and Ex-President Mahama with how Otiko Djaba is not ready to show some respect and kindness to the Former.

In an update of the seemingly hostile relationship between the once good cousins who almost got married, Otiko who refused to apologize to Mahama for calling him “a man with the heart of the devil” has rather sent a message to the Former President to rather apologize to the people of the three northern regions for his poor demeanor that created the monster SADA corruption.
The minister who was speaking on Onua FM’s Yen Nsempa said that the Ghanaian Northern Sector people are looking for a government to improve their lives so if one them fails them to that extent, they deserve an apology.

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Making comments to mark World Radio Day yesterday, Madam Otiko didn’t forget to add that “people with sharp teeth must be eliminated from radio. We must weed out the babies with sharp teeth from the radio to sanitize the airwaves”.

Ms Djaba lamented that though she is a woman, she has the power and right to defend her people against thoughts of people like Hon. Haruna Iddrisu and Alhassan Suhuni who are from the north and have that misogynistic notion.

EnterGhana.com | Credit: Ghanacelebrities.com | Mahama must apologize to the Northern Ghana people, not me to him – Otiko Djaba

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