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Ex President Mahama Denies Rumours He’s Worth $900m. Says He Lives A “Very Modest Life” And Isn’t Worth Even Close To $2m

Former President John Dramani Mahama has denied claims he enriched himself during his time in office and is currently worth as much as $900m.

Speaking on South Africa’s Power 98.7Fm, Mahama said people often confuse him with his brother Ibrahim, who is a businessman and actually quite wealthy – but he is not so rich.

He said he’s not even worth $2m, not to talk of $900m.

“Never, [I am] nowhere near [that]..” the President responded when asked if he was worth $900m as some claim.

“…In Ghana there is an asset declaration regime, where you declare your assets when you go into office…and I have declared my assets.

“I am not anywhere near even 2 million dollars to talk about 900 million dollars.” he continued, adding that his political opponents often smear him with the corrupt tag simply to score political points.

He also postulated the confusion might be coming from people mistaking him for his brother, the wealthy and well connected Ibrahim Mahama.

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“Often my brother [Ibrahim] is confused with me, my brother is a businessman, he has his assets and I have no interest in his business and I don’t own shares in his business.

“I am a farmer,” he added. “I have published a book and I have earned royalties from my book and I earn from my farm and that is it, I live a very modest life,”

Interesting wording on what he’s not worth. “I am not anywhere near even $2m”, Mahama said – does it mean he is above $1m?

He says he lives a very modest life as well – who knew?

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