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Bugri Naabu Must Be Arrested For Defrauding Ghanaians By False Pretence – STRANEK

The Minister for Gender, Children and Social Protection has alleged that the Northern Regional Chairman of the ruling party, Bugri Naabu has collected people’s monies, goats, cows among other goodies and promised them jobs with the School Feeding Programme. This has led to a fracas between these two bigwigs.

We, at the Strategic Thinkers Network (STRANEK) interested in bringing clarity to good governance, political and economic issues in the country as well as at all times ensure that the resources of this country are judiciously used for the benefit of the people of Ghana tend to see these accusations against Bugri Naabu as not trivial. We believe that the accusations if proven to be true will amount to defrauding by false pretence, a serious offence.

These allegations are in respect of acts which are criminal per Sections 131, 132 and 133 of the criminal offences Act,1960 (Act 29). The said sections state as follows:

False Pretences and Other Frauds
Section 131—Defrauding by False Pretence.
Whoever defrauds any person by any false pretence shall be guilty of a second degree felony.

• Section 132—Definition of Defrauding by False Pretence

A person is guilty of defrauding by false pretences if, by means of any false pretence, or by personation he obtains the consent of another person to part with or transfer the ownership of anything.

• Section 133(1)—Definition of and Provisions Relating to a False Pretence.

1) A false pretence is a representation of the existence of a state of facts made by a person, either with the knowledge that such representation is false or without the belief that it is true, and made with an intent to defraud.

The allegations by Otiko Djaba against Bugri reveals that the following;

1. Bugri Naabu represented to people that he has the power to appoint them for jobs at School Feeding Programme

2. Bugri Naabu knew that the representation was false and that he was not the appointing authority

3. The people believing in the said false representation parted with ownership of their properties ( goats , sheep, Cow , monies etc)

An Allegation by no mean a person other than a Minister of State cannot be seen as a mere political gimmick and as such must be investigated and perpetrators prosecuted and if proven guilty jailed.

STRANEK will therefore appeal to the Inspector General of Police to cause the arrest of Bugri Naabu and invite the Minister, Otiko Djaba to the CID office for her to substantiate her allegations against Bagri Naabu.

The National School Feeding Programme is one of the flagship social protection programs under the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection and as such any person other than the Gender Ministry taking goats , cows , sheep and other items from innocent citizens of the country for purported appointments must not only be arrested but prosecuted and jailed.

We hope our clarion call to the Police to look into such a criminal offence and arrest Bugri Naabu for interrogations will not be marred by political interference but justice will be done to put this matter to rest. Indeed, nobody is above the law.

We will state unequivocally that we humbly expect the Ghana Police Service to act within 7 (seven) days failure of which we will have no choice but to petition the office of the Attorney-General.

We hope that other civil society groups and prominent persons in this country will add their voices to this purposeful call for we are all involved in building our motherland Ghana.

Nii Tettey Tetteh
Executive Director
+233 249 659 467
Charles Kwadade
Deputy Executive Director
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