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Re: Stop Disgracing Us: Konkomba Youth To Chairman Bugri Naabu

The attention of Konkomba Professional Patriots and Bikpakpaamb Arise for NPP have been drawn to yet another failed propaganda of some some uncultured group claiming to be speaking on behalf and for Konkombas. This group has been hired by the NDC serving as conduit to denigrate and drag the image of indefatigable Chairman Hon.Abdul Fataw Bugri Naabu as an equalisation for the unprecedented exposé of the former President John Dramani Mahama.

Chairman Bugri Naabu is an icon across the political divide in the three Northern Regions noted for his fairness and intolerance to corruption. If Mr.Bugri could reject the juiciest bribe of our generation worth millions of Ghana Cedis, how could he stoop so low to accepting goats and sheep as wildly claimed? Konkomba in its entirety greatly appreciate and will continue to appreciate the role of Chairman Naabu in pushing the agenda of good governance devoid of corruption which we proudly associate ourselves.

NDC Konkomba led Mr.Believer Likpalmor and his cohorts are NDC propagandists within the Konkomba fraternity. They are noted for despondence without respect for the elderly in the society. If any person or group of persons will talk of corruption in Ghana then of course it is definitely not NDC since they lack the moral stands when it comes to issues of corruption.

We will want to offer free consultancy to the NDC konkombas led by Mr.Believer and his despondence group to cleanse the mess in the NDC and stop their usual character defamation and lies which their party thrived on.

We want them to know that the NPP and Konkomba society will not buy into this cheap propaganda to tarnish the hard earned reputation of Chairman Bugri Naabu. We want to use this medium to caution this NDC Propagandist group to stay away from our Chairman Bugri Naabu.

We want to also use this opportunity to call on the party structure to condemn and amicably arrest the impasse between Chairman Naabu and Hon.Otiko Djaba.We cannot allow our great party suffer because of the actions of our leaders.We the youth are looking up to them and would not want to learn any bad behaviour from the duo.

We call on every well meaning Ghanaian to ignore the irrational statement coming from those attention seeking Konkomba NDC group.

Benjamin Bitrim
President Konkomba Professional Patriots
Kumayi Isaac
Vice President
Mbo Samuel
Joseph Nyindam Nanga
Md.Esther Onajah
(Women’s Commissioner)