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La-Nkwantanang Municipal Assembly rejects MCE

Assembly Members of the La-Nkwantanang Municipal Assembly in Greater Accra Region on Tuesday rejected President Nana Akufo-Addo’s nominee for the position of Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for the municipality.

The nominee, Madam Dede Jennifer Afegbedzi, failed to obtain two thirds of the votes of the Assembly members during her confirmation. Four out of the 13 Assembly members voted ‘Yes’ while nine voted ‘No’, securing her only 30 percent of the total ballot cast.

Speaking to Citi News after the voting, the Presiding Member for La-Nkwantanang Municipal Assembly, Alhaji I.F Failah described the outcome as disappointing.

“It is rather unfortunate that we had this results, I know her as a young lady who is very hardworking from TESCON at the Tertiary level to other areas. The election was to be held last week Friday, but was postponed and many people believe that if it had been held on Friday the nominee would have won hands down”.

“But we must also know that La-Nkwantanang is not like other municipal assemblies, we are very focused and very learned. They cannot be persuaded or bribed in anyway and that is why over the years we have topped all the other assemblies in Greater Accra. That tells you that they were up to a certain task and they knew what they want to reject the nominee” he said.

Asked whether, a new date will be set for another confirmation exercise, the presiding member told Citi News, the percentage was not encouraging.

“If you go to part four- page eight of the standing orders of the assembly, section c and d it tells you that if the president’s nominee is able to secure 50% or more of the total vote cast, the person is required to come back for re-election. That is if the person could not secure the two third needed to confirm him or her. But because this is less than 50% it is a very worrying situation.”

Madam Dede Jennifer Afegbedzi is among 212 persons named by the President to fill the vacant positions of Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives in the various assemblies nationwide.

By: Felicia Osei/