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12 Ghanaian Foods That Are Strictly Vegetarian But We Ruined It

Did you know that Ghana is rated second in the world as the country with the most nutritious food?

You might be wondering what are those dishes? well, without much ado, here are 12 Ghanaian foods that are actually strictly vegetarian but we ruined it.

1. Waakye

Waakye is prepared from rice and beans which are a combination of carbohydrates and protein and so in actual fact, there is no need to add all those eggs, fish and the what have you we always add. All you need is the waakye, gari, vegetables and the stew, that’s all. But because we can’t resist the temptation to eat more protein (meat) we decide to add wele, fish, eggs, beef, etc. which is actually wrong because you don’t need that much protein.


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2. Gari and Beans

Sometimes I feel like questioning those who eat gari and beans with egg, like WTF!! do you have a war at home? How much protein do you need in your system? Probably the reason why you can’t control the gas in your system, too much protein.

The food is basically protein and also comes with almost all the six food groups in one bowl. You have oil, gari, beans, plantain etc. all in one bowl so you’ve got everything you need in a day and so there is no need for extra protein but unfortunately, people add meat and eggs to the food. Without the extra protein, it is perfect and so the next time you’re tempted to add an egg, just add an avocado, it is better that way.

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3. Tuo Zaafi

Tuo Zaafi comes with two accompaniments and this is the reason why. The dish actually goes with Ayooyo soup, which is strictly green but others prefer to have meat with it and so they have to prepare an extra stew with the meat to go with it. Under normal circumstances, you can eat the Tuo Zaafi with just the Ayooyo soup and you will be okay and if you need protein, you just add beans to the soup and you will love it.

4. Banku And Okro Stew or Soup

Banku and Okro (Stew or Soup) is actually strictly a vegetarian food but we ruined it by adding all those fish and meat. You can still prepare it without a single meat and just add some Soya Beans or Bambara beans and you will be okay.

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5. Fufu and Abunuabunu Soup with Beans

The perfect way to go about this dish is with beans and trust us, you will love it. All the snails and crabs being added is just an extra addition.

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6. Mportormportor

Mportormportor under normal conditions do not need to be taken with any meat or fish but some people decide to add fish and meat. But if you’re a vegetarian, you can decide to eliminate the fish that’s added and you will still have a perfect dish.


7. Mashke

Mashke actually comes in its vegetarian form already so it is not that ruined but you can do away with the milk if you’re strictly a vegan.

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8. Ampesi

Under normal circumstances, you can eat your favourite ampesi with Kontonmire stew or garden egg stew without adding any meat or fish, all you will need is some groundnuts and you’re good to go. Something every vegetarian can eat and not have any issues.


9. Eto

There’s no need adding eggs to eto (yam or plantain pudding), you can add groundnuts and eliminate the egg and it will still be okay because they all serve the same purpose.


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10. Kenkey and Bean Stew

When you eat kenkey and bean stew, you don’t need fish, the beans serve the same purpose as the fish.


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11. Jollof

There is Jollof with beans where there is no need for all the extra meat and fish we add.


12. Emu Tuo

Emu tuo with groundnut and beans is enough protein for you, no need for all the extra meat and fish that’s added.


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