Youthtionary In Ghana, Son And Daughters Of God

Youthtionary is a term use to describe the recent trend of youth action towards leadership in Ghana. The recent action of youth demonstrations and attack on government appointments is worrisome therefore the need to write this article, let me state that there has been history of the previous attack to opposition government leaders anytime was a change of government, but the current trend where the youth are attacking one of their own nominated leaders is becoming on becoming. We are God-fearing youth, we worship GOD, ALLAH, JAH done any other country so why should embrace violence in our daily lives and against our leaders.

Government and civil society have condemned these act, some of their current action that has received nationwide condemnation is the action of the Delta Force in Kumasi, where the president nominee for the position of Regional Security Coordinator was attacked.

The current action of the youth on the appointment of Metropolitan and District Chief Executive saw the negative action of youthtionary, where the youth have destroyed party properties as well as government properties. This is very bad for the development of our progressive democracy and the security of ordinary Ghanaians, there is, therefore, the need to work towards the positive action of youthtionary.

When youth groups are not in supportive of president appointment the are many peaceful ways that they can put their protest before the president, they can make peaceful demonstration, organized press conference and even petition the president and that will carry more weight and respect for the president to act on their request, but if they use violence demonstration their request will not adhere to by the president.

To the political elite and decision makers is time, they also find a lasting solution to the problem, there is always statement from the government explaining that they have consulted the chiefs and elders in the community before making the appointments, which is good and perfect looking at our tradition and the respect for elderly. But time has changed and the youth are also on the frontline of leadership so their voices should also be considered.

The problem now is Africa has the younger generation people and they form the majority of the population, therefore, political elite should also look at that angle when doing a consultation for an appointment of District Chief Executives, since at the end of the day is the youth that will either accept the appointees or demonstrate against.

The president has also stated that is his hope that in the next coming years he will make the election of District Chief Executive possible at the local level, so that the people in the district can elect their own DCEs that is a very good idea, but whiles he is still working on that policy I will like to make some suggestions that I have gathered in my research that can bring solution to this issue.

  1. The District Chief Executives should be appointed without asking candidates to submit applications to the party officials and go through interviews because this brings divisions within the district and the party locally and a potential protest from the loser candidate supporters. The president should just nominate a candidate and that candidate will go the vetting process just like how ministers are nominated. Since we have never witness search protest with nominations of minister’s means that were there are no competitions there is no violence and agitations over the president choice.
  2. The youth groups in the district should also be consulted just as the chiefs and elders are consulted
  3. Making it possible for the district to elect their District Chief Executive just as they currently do for Assemble Member
  4. The gender issue should also look at, let me say most of the protest at the north against the president appointment are women, there is, therefore, the need to educate people on gender in the north, because there is always the perception that man should be the leader, so culture and religion also come to play.

My appeal to follow youthtionary is to abstain from violence demonstration to protest but rather use the social media and peaceful demonstration for their protest.


Together we will build Ghana!! Together our future leaders will not face the act of violence