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Things Every Christian Should Do Before Heaven

Engage With Societal Outcasts
Interacting with disadvantaged segments of the population is an effective way to embrace some of Christ’s practices through your everyday life. In the Bible, there are instances where Christ ate with and otherwise associated with people who were thought of as societal outcasts.The more you can get outside of your comfort zone, the easier it’ll be to continue Christ’s work on Earth by reaching out and making a positive impact. That’s especially true when others would rather ignore the very groups of people you’re willingly and lovingly serving.

Give A Public Testimony
Testifying about Christ’s influence can be scary, especially if you suspect your views about faith won’t be well received. However, it has to be done, especially since spreading the Gospel is one of our responsibilities as followers of Christ.If your initial attempts to speak your testimony don’t go well, there’s no need to despair. Think of your testimony as something akin to planting seeds, meaning it may take a while for your words to bloom or be taken to heart.

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Help Others Work Their Way through the Bible 
As a Christian, you probably read your Bible regularly, but may know some Christians who aren’t as familiar with the text and are perhaps too intimidated to even attempt to read it frequently. Consider taking time to read parts of the Bible with them and experience the many advantages of communal learning.

“Just remember: Even the most creative approach to reading the Bible is nothing compared to the realization that you are reading the words of God — out of everything he could have said to his sons and daughters, he chose these words, arranged in this way, using dozens of authors over thousands of years. That’s some motivation!” – Crosswalk Contributor Amy Green.