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Duncan-Williams Calls For Ghanaians To Have Patience With Akufo-Addo (Audio)

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams has called on Ghanaians to have patience for the newly installed Akufo-Addo government.

According to the preacher, it’s been less than a year and for now it’s too early to be able to draw any valid conclusions about the work of the President and his government.

Duncan-Williams appeared on the Starr Drive Wednesday and said for now, Ghanaians have to exercise patience and hold off on making judgements on the new administration.

“I think it is too early. He hasn’t made a year. So…we should give him time and things, will be clear whether the men he has one has capacity or they don’t or whether selfless or they are looking for their own interest or whether they are in for the President’s agenda or they are in for the love of country.” he said.

“I think it is too early to make any conclusions now. We need to pray for him to succeed. It is a capacity issue. We need to pray and believe that God will surround him with men and women who are selfless people and don’t have an agenda of their own, but they carry the agenda of the country,” the man of God added.