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The website, GhanaNation™ (GN™) was founded in 2006 with one specific objective in mind: to deliver the very best of content targeted at Ghanaians in diaspora, specifically in North America.  We provide honest, compelling, timely information that offers insight and information designed to engage and excite our users. Our ultimate objective is to provide content that is of value to users daily. We are the largest Ghanaian website with over 85,000 registered and active members online.


The content provided by GhanaNation™ (GN™) is timely and informative. Our writers and editors are highly motivated, and encouraged to put forward independent commentary and analysis. The GhanaNation™ (GN™) staff is compelled to provide latest content that is accurate and unbiased, and present clear-cut facts and data our visitors can trust. Our editors are determined to ensure accurate, compelling content, and thorough, careful reporting on a wide variety of issues and events.


GhanaNation™ (GN™) offers original content. We provide original content related to the History and origin of Ghana, Tourism and Travel , Recipes, and more. In addition, we have the largest collection of Ghana Artist profiles as well as Ghana Music samples from the best of Ghana Musicians. The movie section is well stocked with the latest Ghana Movies in English as well as in the native (Twi movies) language. All videos and movies on the GhanaNation™ (GN™) website carries the copyright of the producer or copyright holder. 


Designed using the most simplistic technology available today, we believe you will find GhanaNation™ website extremely user friendly.


We welcome your thoughts regarding every aspect of our service, and anticipate hearing your opinions and suggestions. You may communicate directly with our authors, editors, or publisher at any time, and you can be sure every comment will be given tender consideration.


You may also submit your own articles or commentary to our editors, as GhanaNation™ seeks to provide a place for both fledgling and experienced writers to get their work out in the public realm. Visit our Submit page for instructions and we will consider it for publication.


We hope GhanaNation™ becomes your homepage of choice! Thanks for visiting, and for participating in our community of ideas.


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